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  Hi, That was a treat. I only made one mistake. I should have warmed a little bit of sake. That meal deserved it. I ate most of it and then looked at it for a little while. Things settled and I finished it all with great joy. I told my brother about it and, direct quote: “That woman is an angel”. Usually Doni gets the last few bites of my dinner. This time she did not! I’m looking forward to salmon tonight. Thanks you, thank you. Peace, Ruth,

Ruth, Red Boiling Springs, TN


  "Everything is great. We had the ribs tonight and the baked fried chicken last night. It seems the price has gone up but I know you were adding some charges (not complaining. . . at all). I will say I went to Kroger to pick up milk, eggs etc. .. and can't believe how much the price of food has gone up. Still better and cheaper than going out to eat every night. Last week we were in the mountains and I decided that I just could not be the "food police" Well big bad Bob gained 13 lbs of fluid. . . . You know he just doesn't get the importance of eating right. What's a girl to do. Thanks. . . you are saving my life." 

Betsy & Bob, Nashville, TN


  The spinach and enchilada casseROLL (aka 'my major award') was incredible! I feel like I need to go on that show 'Best Thing I Ever Ate' and tell the world! Seriously!!! You and the Who Cooks for You? gang are incredible!!!  

Anna, Franklin, TN


  "Miss Marirae's Macaroni and Cheese is here!!!" By Sam H., Bellvue, TN
Sam is a young boy with extensive allergies. I follow his allergy instructions so he can eat Mac+Cheese and other yummy things like an allergy-free child.


  "MORE THAN  EXCEPTIONAL!  I can't tell you how much we love it.  I like high roughage and the lowest fat possible. I also like high protein.  I have been on the phone extolling the virtues of your food and how we feel about it.  My brother said he was going to call you.  We are very pleased and would like to continue next month."

Nancy, Brentwood, TN

  "Marirae, I used to LOVE the Chicken Primavera at LeCirque in NYC, but yours is every bit as good!"
Voicemail from Rich, Brentwood, TN

  "Marirae is a true blessing!  She shops for us, cooks for us... the meals are fantastic - Marirae is fantastic"
Chris, Brentwood, TN


  "I have been using Marirae's services for three months.  Every week she delights me with her healthy goodies.  I recommend her highly."

Cindy R., Nashville, TN


  "Marirae, just wanted you to know how much I am enjoying your service. The food is delicious. Even after using your service now like 3 to 4 months it just keeps getting better.  If I had a favorite it would be the Linguini and Clam Sauce. All of your food is great. Thanks a million."
Harry, Hendersonville, TN

  "While trying to find a way to include healthy, tasty meals with a lifestyle where more than one family member eats at a different time, we stumbled across Marirae with Who Cooks For You? by accident.  We were looking at a magazine, Who's Who in Nashville, and saw an article about her and her company. We met with her and decided to try having her make meals for my husband, who comes in late from work. We wanted meals that were especially healthy for him, that could be frozen and reheated at his convenience. Since that time, our whole family has come to look forward to having Marirae come and cook. Our whole family enjoys heating and eating the wonderful meals that Marirae prepares. She has made the life of a family who is on the go all the time much easier and healthier!"
Mike & Kathy, Brentwood, TN

  "Thank you Marirae for providing a service that allows me to give and focus more attention on my family! The food is fabulous – and nutritious! And thank you for caring about my family's health as much as I do!"
Shelia, Hendersonville, TN

  "I knew Marirae, a church friend, made a living cooking for others. I also knew I may not be able to afford her services. Wrong! Now I eat custom-designed, tasty, well balanced meals, low in carbohydrates. My blood sugar ranges between 80 and 120. Marirae brought me into Diabetics Heaven."
Nick, Gallatin, TN

  "When asked if the family was enjoying the food, the response was 'It is wonderful! We are spoiled ROTTEN!'” Allison, Brentwood, TN

  Marirae Mathis has been our personal chef for the last couple of years and we are delighted with her services. She is very reliable and dependable and the food is delicious. She takes the time to work with us individually to meet our needs and special food requests and it has made our lives so much easier.
Dr. and Mrs. Steve Emery, Gallatin, TN

  Marirae is the best. She catered a party of mine last year and I still have friends raving about her food. Now she cooks for me every week and not only do I save a tremendous amount of time by not having to worry about cooking, but I am eating healthier and more delicious food then ever before.
Grace DeLag, Nashville, TN

  "Marirae ensures that our family has delicious, preservative-free and nutritious meals ready at an instant. She takes extra care to accommodate the individual needs and tastes of each member of our family and occasionally brings our young daughter special treats, reminding us of the love and care with which she prepares our food."
Emma Cook, Brentwood, TN

  It is wonderful to sit at the dinner table with my family while enjoying a healthy, delicious meal. As a busy mom it is difficult to think anything but happy thoughts while feeding my family healthy great tasting food. I feel so blessed to have Marirae cook for us. It is truly a gift!
Allison, Governor's Club

  Marirae’s home delivery service has been life changing for our family! Everyone is finally happy at dinner time! Having a house full of picky eaters, (trying to all eat lowfat, organic and one teenager being a vegetarian) Marirae has been able to satisfy everyone’s appetite in our family. We have enjoyed the convenience as well as the outstanding dinners for over 8 months. Thanks Marirae

  Your food is the best! Whole food ingredients, real sea salt, and regards to my nutritional needs. I know I'm a picky eater, however I'm a healthy picky eater. So when I get overwhelmed and preparing a great tasting healthy meal isn't in my plans, I know I can count on Who Cooks For You.

Libby D.


  Just wanted to send a quick note to tell you that you outdid yourself this month. We have enjoyed everything, but that Chicken Orzo Soup and Berry Goat Cheese Salad were out of this world. I had family members (even kids) say it was the BEST salad they had ever eaten and I agree. Loved it!!! Thank you.

Millie S.



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